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The Aero Series




Part 1 : The AERO Series of Bikes 

Part 2 : AERO-D-Zero 

Part 3 : AERO-D-One

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Part One


The AERO Series of Bikes

   The AERO bike started out as a styling project featuring an extended aerodynamic front with spoilers and avant garde bodywork. The design was a sleek asthetic shape conforming to the riders body.


 Two bikes were constructed from this mould, the first for friend Mike Brosnan and the second as a BEARS race bike for John himself.

Construction of the body shell began in 1985, John Britten sculpting the plug from a block of polystyrene and car body filler. The plug and mould were completed with the help of Bob Brookland, Mike Brosnan and Nick Edwards.



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