The Britten Motorcycle Company Ltd operates on secure premises in central Christchurch, New Zealand. The small factory, with eight full time staff and a pool of freelance workers available, includes all facilities necessary to design and manufacture the V1000 racer, such as carbon-curing, dyno-testing, machining, painting, etc. Access to an international-length race track is just a short drive away.

Being a university city and the major centre of New Zealand's South Island, Christchurch contains other facilities essential for the design and production of a motorcycle, such as a wind tunnel, foundrys and electronics support industries.

The city also has an international airport and freight dispatch centre by sea or air.

The Britten Motorcycle Company keeps in contact with its worldwide core of supporters by the internet, while its main sponsors and helpers are kept up to date with faxed PR releases after major race events. Often the presence of the Britten team at a race meeting raises the profile of the event as interest in the innovative motorcycle transcends the sporting boundaries.

The aura built up around the Britten V1000 is largely due to the fact that is was the first prototype-motorcycle to achieve consistent race success. The ideas incorporated in the machine all worked and the technicians and riders drawn to the project combined different areas of ground-breaking expertise to develop the concept.

They are inspired by the project the same as fans around the world are when a V1000 appears at their local racetrack.

To meet the immediate needs of these fans in a tangible way, the company has developed a merchandising arm selling a range of affordable quality, in-house-designed products.

These are available by mail order, on the internet or trackside wherever the V1000s' race.

As well the Britten Motorcycle Company has a portable display featuring the work of the company and one of its race-winning motorcycles available for promotional activities. This creates a drawcard for fundraisers, tourism facilities, trade shows and retailers.


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