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September 2000
Festival of Ducati. Oschersleben , Germany. September 1-3, 2000

An excited Pro Britten team headed to the Festival of Ducati at Oschersleben, hopeful that problems experienced with the #9 Britten were solved. After a few spark plug problems the bike was running beautifully by second practice and rider Heinz Platacis was having trouble keeping that front wheel on the ground. The bike sounded great and the crowd were really enthusiastic. Then, in an extra practice at the end of the day disaster struck.......the bearing in the sprocket carrier collapsed, forcing the sprocket outwards which made a mess of the rear swingarm - the damage was unable to be repaired in time for the race as a new one has to be sent from the New Zealand factory.

May 2000
Since the death of founder John Britten four years ago BMC continued to build Britten V1000's and complete the 10 bikes that John had always said he would build. The last one was completed and sent to Las Vegas in March last year. During this time we have also been actively seeking a joint venture partner to invest in the company's future and although nothing has yet come to fruition there are some parties interested. The factory continues to operate on a scaled down basis, still supporting the bikes racing endeavours and doing prototype work.

10K Racings Britten V1000 is currently in the workshop where it was being re-spec'd for Daytona - however pistons from the UK which finally arrived with very little time to spare have had to be returned as they are oversize - they never arrived back till 3 March so we missed Daytona. However I think they now intend to race it in Mid Ohio in July .#9 Britten which is based in Holland was planning to race but their sponsors have withdrawn (I think the company has sold) and the owner is not prepared to pick up the cost at this stage.

The BEARS bike and the Pre-Cursor (one of the early fully faired bikes) have been on display in the America's Cup Village in Auckland, New Zealand and were on display at the Classics and Collectibles show in Hamilton last weekend - they should now be on their way back the factory. We need to spruce up the BEARS bike before it goes to Eastern Creek in August (for a demo only).

Jim Hunters bike is in the Art of the Motorcycle Show which started at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, moved on to the Field Museum in Chicago and is now in the Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain until September. The next venue will be advised when confirmed.

George Barbers bike is now part of his collection in the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Alabama, USA.

Roberto Crepaldi's (Milan, Italy) bike is retired - he lost the heart to race after his good friend and racing companion, Sandro died.

Mark Stewarts bike (Michigan, USA) is kept in a climate controlled room with the rest of his collection and comes out for the odd gentlemans events.

Te Papa's bike (Museum of New Zealand) still attracts a lot of interest in Wellington,NZ - one of the Britten staff has visited to check it over and make sure there are no leaks.

The last Britten, #10 was delivered to Las Vegas in March last year and is still in its crate - the new owner is tempted to leave it there.

Britten Prototypes Ltd is involved in the development of a single moto-x bike - the protoype bike is built (and has been tested with an ordinary engine) and work has commenced on its own engine - it was originally to be a 600cc but they are now developing something new but with a smaller cc. Something else being developed, towatch out for, is the "Jiggernaut" - a dry land dragon boat racing event!!

There is also a new company called Dashfoot Ltd which is currrently involved in the development of prosthetic legs which are being tested by amputee cyclist Mark Iglis. The legs have improved his performance already in international cycling events. A different leg is also being trialled by a javelin competitor in the North Island.



Britten Motorcycles Racing
Confirmed events:
John Britten Memorial Superbike Event, Ruapuna Raceway, 14th March 2004. The BEARS Britten V1000, owned by Kevin Grant of Auckland, will be ridden by Andrew Stroud in some demo laps with other special bikes such as a replica Troy Bayliss during the lunch time racing break. Further details can be obtained at


Britten Motorcycles on Display
Short term displays:
February 28th 2004 - the Cardinal Britten V1000 will be on display in Riccarton Mall , Christchurch, NZ to promote the upcoming John Britten Memorial Superbike Race to be held at Ruapuna this March.

March 12th 2004 - Work Opportunity Trust, Dunedin - Cardinal Britten will be on display at workshop. Speakers at Workshop will be Mark Inglis and kirsteen Britten.

March 12th,13th,14th 2004 - The John Britten Memorial Superbike Event will be held at Ruapuna Raceway, Christchurch, New Zealand. There will be 3 bikes on display on the Friday and 4 bikes on display on the Saturday and Sunday - Aero D-Zero, the Pre-Cursor V1000, The Cardinal Britten V1100 and the BEARS Britten V1000. Sunday is Race day/Family day. Further details can be obtained at

March 24th - Private Function - Cardinal Britten will be on display at launch of Aristotle NZ website.

INZONE Roadshow - Touring New Zealand Schools on pre-arranged dates from March till October 2004. The BEARS Britten V1000 will be displayed and the Britten bike story will be told by Peter Doake. The show also features guest speakers Mark Inglis and Rod Hammill and costumes from the Wearable Arts show. The aim of the tour is for students to hear and see firsthand that NZ has a very creative and innovative history and encourages them to live their dreams.

Permanent displays:
The Pre-Cursor and either the BEARS or Cardinal bikes are generally on display in our retail outlet at 103 Worcester Street, Christchurch. The shop is open 9am -4pm Monday and Thursday and 9am-12pm Wednesday and Friday. During normal business hours the shop can be visited outside these hours via Brittco Management Ltd, who occupy the adjacent tenancy.

Bike Number Seven at the Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Bike Number Two at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa. Wellington, New Zealand.


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