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Kirsteen Britten with first copy of "Dare to Dream - the John Britten Story", November, 2003.

Kirsteen Britten and Ryan Kindell on the Cardinal Britten at Books a Plenty in Tauranga, during promotional book tour, November, 2003.

Britten with the replica of Richard Pearce's aircraft at the "Festival of flight" at Timaru in March, 2003.



Britten Display (Pre-Cursor, Cardinal and BEARS bikes) at 20th Anniversary BEARS Sound of Thunder, Ruapuna, NZ. Feb, 2003.

Sound of Thunder, Ruapuna, NZ. Feb, 2003.

Sound of Thunder, Ruapuna, NZ. Feb, 2003.

Sound of Thunder, Ruapuna, NZ. Feb, 2003.

Suzi Greenway, President International Norton Owners Association (USA), having a great time on a Britten at the Christchurch retail outlet. Nov, 2002.

Suzi Greenway on a Britten. Nov, 2002.

The "Remarkables", Queenstown, NZ.

Standing out from the crowd, Daytona, 1995.

Polished to perfection. Ready for the NZRRS, 1996.

Assembled Baby Britten.

Original plug for the Baby Britten kitset.

A real fan!.

Ruapuna Grand Prix, 1998. 1st Andrew Stroud, 2nd Tony Rees, 3rd Dean Fulton.

Isabelle, Kirsteen and Sam Britten accept the "Bronze Motorcycling Merit Distinction" Award. Posthumously awarded to John by the FIM, 1995.

Race manager enjoys the hospitality of the Sundance Race Team, Tsukuba, Japan, 1998.

An early shot of John racing his Ducati.

John with his Triumph Tiger 100.

A spot of maintenance on the Tiger.

Warbirds over Wanaka 1994, John Britten and Loren Poole.

A jubilant John at Daytona, seconds before an electrical fault caused the winning bike to lose power.

John Kenton Britten.


Man and Machine.

A different angle.

Kirsteen Britten - Daytona, 1995.

Kirsteen Britten, Andrew Stroud, Isabelle Britten - Sound of Thunder, Ruapuna, 1996.

The final polish - Kirsteen Britten, SOT Ruapuna, 1996.

Britten Team, 1997.

Line up outside the Britten factory, Cardinal, BEARS, Barber and CR&S bikes.

Mobil Road Show loading up to get the show on the road, 1998.


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